Be wild, cheeky and wonderful

I love what I´m doing. Thats how we create handcrafted moments of happiness together. Me by making the shoes an you by wearing them and having a great time.

Too often we run and rush trough our lives, not paying attention to all the small steps we are taking. Our shoes are playing an important role in this, connections us with the earth. So it´s even nicer to wear something uniquely handmade. And maybe you look at your shoes and are suddenly reminded of mindfullness and relaxing walking.

If I am lucky enough to spread my love for my hoes and share it with you, then I am more than happy to pass on some of that love and appreciation.

With every pair of shoes I sell I would like to support a number of charities.



I am supproting firmm, a charity who conserve and protect marine mammals and their habitats.
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