handcraftet and unique

Discover the many possibilisties on Espadrilles Maker an design your own shoes.

Here is how it works:

  • Select "fabric selection, ribbons and decorations" from the menu to creat your own shoes. They will be handcrafted for you based on your choices and ideas. You can pick the outer fabric (back and front) and the fabric for lining, as well as the decorations.
  • Or you might spot your favorite shoe in my existing collection. In that case, just order them in your size
  • If you have your own favourite fabric, send it to me an i will make your very own unique pair of Espadrilles from it.

How to order your dream-shoes:

Send me an email containing
shoes size
fabric outer
fabric liner
your contact details

to info@espadrilles-maker.de You find the items and fabric names next to the pictures on the right.

Shoe sizes

Adults: 36-45
Children: 26-35


Espadrilles Classic (without decorations): 54,00€
Espadrilles Style (with decorations ): 69,00€ - 74,00 €
Espadrilles Pantoffel: 42,00€

Espadrilles Kids: 39,00 € (without decorations) /  49,00 € (with decorations )